Accessible from any web browser, Web Analyst provides a simple tabular interface to manage requirements (as well as the objectives, dictionary terms, risks, business rules) and editing dedicated forms.

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Project Manager

web analyst project management

The project manager has services to create projects, reference other projects (self-referential), declaring users and roles.


From requirements (objectives, risks, ...) Web Analyst produces very professional HTML or Word documents on a documentary portal. Documentary generation is configurable by the development of dedicated "document templates".

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Version Management

web analyst version management

A simple interface allows version management, including the production of up-to-date documents.


Web Analyst can be configured to support your procedures. A Modelio license is provided with a Web Analyst configuration. It allows among others the setting of the requirement types, properties, and templates.

web analyst custom

Requirements related to the model

web analyst requirement

Requirement-based Management

Requirements ,captured with Web Analyst are also handled within Modelio models:

  • Project management (guidance and advancement)
  • Traceability/impact analysis
  • Diagnostic (coverage)
  • Conducting tests
  • Quality measurement

Full Support of the "Vision" (Motivation, Strategy)

Web Analyst includes support for the objectives analysis, risk analysis, and analysis of domain (glossary) for wider coverage and more comprehensive traceability.


Federations repositories

constellation worldwidemodeling

Organize your repositories according to your organization

  • Multi-projects, Federations of Companies, Partners, Subcontractors, ...
  • Organizations and systems: Organize, share, reuse your requirements. Let more teams cooperate in the world, each managing its rights, procedures and repository...
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